Thursday, January 3, 2008

update again

Hi there friends.
I just want to give a quick update on things here. Randal had a dr. appointment today with our regular doc. He was very pleased with Randal's progress! He was more than pleased actually...He showed us the letter from the neurologist. It said that Randal's improvement is amazing! Our dr. said that he was sooo happy to see how well he was doing. He told us that he had expected that Randal would be using a walker for the rest of his life at best and in a wheelchair more likely than not!! Wow! I was surprised. I had kinda gotten those vibes from reading between the lines when talking with the different doctors over the last couple of months but wasn't really sure if that was just me or not. Apparently it wasn't! We are SO thankful for this!! God is so good to us and a Keeper of His Word! Randal is just using his walker now if we are walking for a bit of a distance, such as shopping or something like that, mostly for balance. His legs tire fairly easily and start to cramp up if he walks for too long. He's been having some symptoms similar to those he had before the surgery so please pray that things don't get back to the place they were again. That's why we went to the dr. today, but he didn't seem at all concerned about it. Randal has an appointment next week with the neurosurgeon though so we'll just talk to him about these symptoms at that point. I think I'd feel more at ease if the specialist was the one to tell us this.
My mil seems to be doing quite well. She has bounced back from her surgery pretty quickly. She is doing much better than we had expected! She looked really bad last week when she came out of the hospital! But now she's perked right thanks for praying for her. I hope that she stays like that now for a LONG time!
you all have a Super Duper New Year!!! :D