Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Great Deal at Twice the Price!!

I was walking through Walmart and noticed some books on their clearance cart. We can never have too many books here. Our girls are avid readers and we have a hard time keeping up with books for them to consume!!! Sometimes I think that if we let them that is all they would do-read!
They had these boxed sets of Illustrated Classics- eight to a set-on for $5 each. I picked up two of the sets. Each one has different books in it. The printed price on each book is $11.95 Cdn. funds! So for $10 +tax I got $191.20 worth of books!!! Wow what a deal.
They are geared for the younger girls ages and they have really enjoyed them too... The nice part is I don't feel I have to screen these books like I do the ones they bring home from school. . They've plowed through a good portion of them already!

No more Whinin' No more Complainin'!!

Okay, so I've been doing alot of whining and complaining about Old Man Winter hanging around so long....well...Enough is enough!! Today it was absolutely lovely out!!! I walked through the open deck door this afternoon and the temperature was the same outside as it was inside! The sun was glorious!
Randal and I spent a couple of hours out in the yard today pruning and cleaning up. (and me taking pictures!!) We got ALL of the roses pruned and cleaned up, Randal pulled out the dead shrub in the front and got rid of it. Our dog Goldie spent the afternoon soaking up the warm rays of the sun, while she lay there watching us....Her favourite pastime...spending time with her people!! Anyway I took a bunch of pictures to mark the end of Winter and the onset of Spring!

~~~Crocuses blooming~~~

~Tree just busting out!~

~~Rhubarb coming up~~

~~~Irises popping through!~~~

~~Hyacinth about to burst into bloom~~