Thursday, November 1, 2007

And time keeps marching on.....

Well here it is Thursday night. Tomorrow is the last day of the week already! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by! Only 53 days until Christmas! That scares the heck outa me! I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet...Shopping is something that I don't enjoy, so I guess I procrastinate doing it...Not a smart strategy!! Oh well...I guess I still have time if I get my butt in gear right away. In the meantime I have lots that is keeping me busy right now.
As you may already know, I'm homeschooling Janelle. I'm still trying to figure out where to place her in all her subjects. We've been working on CAT tests for the last few days. She doesn't mind doing them, it just takes SO long to get them done. She's not doing too badly on them so far, but I won't know the official results until I send them in to be scored. This should really help with getting her set up and going on the rest of her subjects. We've been working on science, socials studies, cursive and a bit of math so far. We've also been working on a novel study entitled, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". It's a great book that she seems to be enjoying. I remember that book from elementary school and loved it! Our teacher read it out loud to the class and he substituted students names for the characters in the book. It must have mad a huge impact on me because I still remember that and that was back in grade 3! That's 30 yrs ago!! yikes...and we're back to time flying!
I've also been wanting to get the painting finished. My daughter and I have been painting for several months off and on. We started with the livngroom. It has a vaulted ceiling, so the wall is 8' on one side but goes up to 10' or 11' on the high side. It also has one wood wall that has grooves that go up and down. They're about a half inch they are a total pain to paint! Well first off we painted the primer. Then the first coat of paint. I then went back and got a second can of paint to do the second coat, since it hadn't covered very well. We put the paint on and then realized that it was the WRONG colour!!! GRRR! Ya know...the $$ of the paint wasn't the hardest part to swallow (altho that was big too), it was the fact that we had to get back up onto that ladder that I had to stand on the very top of to barely reach the top of the high wall! I struggle with having enough energy just to do the regularly daily stuff, so this was reeeaaally frustrating! Anyway...this put me off for quite awhile..not that I was sitting around...there is always LOTS to be done with a family of6!!In the meantime we painted Courtenay's room. It looks great. I should post some finished pictures. It went from being a plain white room to lime green on three walls and the end wall is black and white vertical stripes with a wavy mirror going across it. She picked the colour herself and did a good job of it. Anyway, we got back at the painting in the livingroom and diningroom. We didn't finish but I'm hoping that I can talk her into painting this Saturday with me and finishing the job! She's a huge help, actually if truth be known, she does most of the painting. That's the way she likes it. She wants me to be her "go-fer".So anyway I'm hoping to finish it this weekend.
Randal put up the new light fixtures in the diningroom this past week as well, so I'll post some pics of those too. I got the light fixtures on sale for a great price. I walked into R*ona one day for some small thing and ended up walking out with new light fixtures for the main floor. The store was having a garage sale in their empty green house. They had matching fixtures on clearance priced at about 70% off! I was so pleased and they look great with the new paint colour. They didn't look as nice along the former (pink)wall colour!! Anyway must get off to bed. Hope everyone is keeping well.
take care and pop in again sometime...I'll keep you posted on the painting/light fixture installation progress!